IDEAS Los Angeles is a project by Tel Aviv University-American Friends in partnership with dozens of corporations, private businesses, community organizations, institutes of higher learning and media outlets to create a space where global business leaders, futurists, studio heads, movie and television producers, healthcare providers, doctors, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, Tel Aviv University administrators, professors, and alumni can come together and share ideas.

IDEAS wants to inspire people to think deeper and more broadly by engaging with inventors and innovators tackling some of the most exciting challenges in the world today.

Expect to have fun while thinking, sharing and connecting. It’s a destination conference of curiosity and surprise. As a dynamic, multi-faceted event, our attendees will have the opportunity to create their own itinerary. From listening to our renowned keynote speakers, to interacting with our knowledge stations, and engaging with our expert panels and digital startup presentations your mind will be activated, perspectives challenged, and networks expanded. Our focus is on ‘IDEAS’: Israel, Digital, Arts, Entrepreneurs and Science, and how rapidly knowledge, products, and business is emerging out of each category.

Join us on June 14th-15th, when ‘IDEAS’ will take you
on a journey through a spectrum of innovation.

the team


  • Stanley Gold
  • Rick Entin
  • Steve Erdman
  • Michel Steinberger
  • Ruth Steinberger
  • John Fishel
  • Jesse Sharf
  • Bradley Schwartz
  • Hai Habot
  • Vanessa Grunstein
  • Sharon Rechter
  • Yaacov ben Yaccov
  • Karen Allen
  • Richard Sincere
  • Joel Fogelson
  • Jon Gurkoff
  • Jeremy Lustman
  • Gadi Navon
  • Mina Orbach
  • Roy Balle
  • Clark Hoover
  • Shiri Stern
  • Fran Sommers
  • David Schlacht
  • Rob Freelen

Tel Aviv University (TAU) is Israel’s largest and most diverse university. TAU is consistently rated among the top 100 research universities globally, as well as ranking in the top 10 of universities producing VC backed entrepreneurs. Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, the second largest technology sector in the world, TAU is the innovation hub of the ‘Start Up Nation’. With over half the 30,000+ student body engaged in multi-disciplinary research, TAU is uniquely positioned as an incubator of groundbreaking ideas. Through the creation of the new IDEAS Los Angeles scheduled to debut in June 2015, TAU is building a platform in LA for leaders, experts, students and dreamers to share and exchange ideas, and solutions, for some of the most complex challenges in the world today. By creating an open forum to communicate and connect, IDEAS will expand participant’s opportunities for growth and achievement.


From its home in Israel’s financial center, multinational giants such as Google, Microsoft and Intel call on the Tel Aviv University’s ingenuity to lay the high-tech foundations of tomorrow. Tel Aviv University’s Blavatnik School of Computer Science is a trailblazer in the digital universe — creating advanced solutions and high-tech opportunities to expand our reality. Its award-winning faculty is the best in Israel and the school is ranked 14th in the world. The tech world has taken notice. As one of the top three leaders in tech, paired next to Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, the IDEAS Forum is perfectly positioned to launch our first annual event in Santa Monica, California. Developing technologies heretofore seen only in science fiction, Tel Aviv University’s electrical engineers are shaping the world’s reality — and Israel’s future. With such an impressive track record, it isn’t surprising when the international industry turns to Tel Aviv University to forecast technologies of the future. IDEAS Los Angeles will bring together top thought leaders of the world to participate and engage with


The foundation of ‘IDEAS’ is educating and inspiring entrepreneurs to utilize their talents and build successful careers as affluent visionaries. Tel Aviv University is the hub of start-ups that leverage the multi-dimensional education received by students of all subjects and desired fields of study. Tel Aviv University’s Business School currently holds the 11th spot for the Top 50 MBA programs for VC-Backed Entrepreneurs by PitchBook, an independent and impartial private equity and venture capital research firm. The Business School also garnered the #1 spot in the “Rest of the World” category for MBA’s outside of Europe and the USA, and Tel Aviv University’s undergraduate programs were ranked 9th overall. StarTAU, Tel Aviv University’s Entrepreneurship Center, was established in 2009 in order to serve Israel’s aspiring entrepreneurs, specifically focusing on TAU students and alumni. StarTAU’s goal is to build a solid platform which can link entrepreneurs to the industry. With much success it continues to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in Israel, helping creative minds form and build on


Tel Aviv Universityplays a leading role in the education and cultivation of talented students in arts and entertainment. TAU’s Steve Tisch School for Film and TV is the only film school in the world where student filmmakers own the rights to their work created at the University.Through ‘IDEAS Los Angeles’ we will represent the growing influence that TAU has on the entertainment and media arts industry. Encouraging Alumni to participate at the event through speaking engagements, workshops and collaboration, artistic innovation will have a strong presence. Our graduates have influenced Western media significantly and the University has produced exemplary talent. With representatives like Hagai Levi who is best known for creating, directing and producing the television drama BeTipul and HBO’s adaption, ‘In Treatment’; Eytan Fox, a New York City-born Israeli director, whose Oscar nominated film ‘Walk on Water’ is still the highest grossing Israeli film in the United States; and Gideon Raff, writer and director of ‘Prisoners of War’ adpted to ‘Homeland’ by Showtime. Through


The future of scientific, medical breakthroughs is now. Our goal is to help researchers share these groundbreaking discoveries at ‘IDEAS Los Angeles’. In the brief decade since TAU made nanotechnology an academic priority, its scientists in nanomedicine already have potentially life-changing treatments in preclinical and clinical trials. Once the purview of science fiction, these real nano-advances are moving forward at warp speed. Using submicroscopic science to make giant leaps, Tel Aviv University researchers are prime movers in the brand new field of nanomedicine. They’ve already designed the blueprints for molecules and other structures that can “operate” to repair living cells — and thereby radically change the face of human medicine. Moving far beyond traditional medicine, Tel Aviv University is melding life science research with engineering, psychology, and computer technology to unlock cancer’s lethal secrets. The multidisciplinary campaign to develop new tools and therapies to fight the disease is pushing the limits — and is already producing exciting results. Tel Aviv University’s connected hub of scientists are part of the field’s global advance team, often driving the latest trends in research. This is a field in which TAU can lead and educate the scientific industry on new discoveries and advancements. Using ‘IDEAS Los Angeles’ as a platform to communicate will allow us to further showcase TAU as the influencer in medical science.