This has definitely been an awesome time :D Having an opportunity to learn about new things, people & concepts while being in a fun, buzzing :) What a great day at the Ideas LA conference!  From the opening session to the closing party at Cross Campus, I feel fortunate to have been able to attend!
Stephanie Mountain
Sales  - Bixly
It was a very exciting two days. A great opportunity to learn new ideas and to share your own. As the CEO of Liberate Art, Inc., and a leading expert on the cultural boycott campaign against Israel, I discovered an enormous amount of interest in my work. The heart of my mission is to reframe the debate on the cultural boycott as a freedom of artistic expression issue. I found that this message resonates across the political spectrum, and at IDEAS LA, I learned new ways of getting my message out to new audiences.
Lana Melman
CEO  - Liberate Art, Inc
Meeting David has been one of the most meaningful and beneficial moments of my life. It was one of those random things that turned into one of the greatest moments of my career.  As an alumni of TAU, never in my wildest dreams did I envision having them as a client.  Working on the IDEAS conference has been an incredible experience, being trusted with David’s vision has been a tremendous honor.  My personal experience (outside my company) has allowed me to find my community here in LA and creating connections with people that I respect and admire and love working with.  David has done this for so many people, through IDEAS on so many levels.  I’m so proud to be a part of this amazing team and can’t wait to see how this takes off!  Thank you David and AFTAU for bringing me into the fold and creating such a special experience for so many people.
Sari Gabbay
CEO  - U2R1 Media
It was an interesting experience- I was at Social Media Week LA the previous week, and as such had a direct comparison to make. One of the things I appreciated the most about IDEAS was the fantastic outdoor space you erected- it made networking and lunch discussions feel much more natural and fun. Another plus was using the whole space well- including the workshop area & second stage, which led to more intimate and useful group experiences than SMWLA had. One area where IDEAS was shown up, however, was in the “ask me anything bar”- you could have discussions with speakers after each presentation and panel, and ask more in-depth questions that answered key problems you individually had. In terms of content, the crossover panels between medicine and media were fascinating and unique- and I am now looking into great new tech like the temporary tattoo electrodes and how they could be applied to VR emotional measurement. The marketing sessions also have given me new insights into how to focus our web series, and major kick-in-the-pants to accomplish it.
Dakota Bloom
Researcher  - Pilgrim Studios
What an amazing congregation of tech veterans and entrepreneurs.  This was a great opportunity to learn from so many different aspects in media and health tech.  The outdoor space was really refreshing and worked beautifully as an exhibition meet and greet location.  The set-up and flow worked very well.  The stages and venues had a comfortable efficient feel with my favorite being the outdoor stage.  Really amazing; great job!
Tom Farmer
I enjoyed it all.  Perfect organization and quality presenters makes this the highlight conference of the year for anyone in the Digital Entertainment or Digital Health space.  I am looking forward to next year already.
Brian Mac mahon
Sensei  - Expert DOJO
The encouragement and opportunities for networking were sensational. Well done and thank you.
Larry Cohen
Managing Partner  - Glyphix Advertising